Industry Insights

With nearly two decades of experience, Zoom Recruitment has develped consulting expertise across many industries. Working alongside our clients on their most critical challenges has resulted in real world solutions that benefit both worker and company.

Power to the people

What happens when a pandemic forces us away from the office, and in its wake leaves a faltering economy in which the workforce holds all of the bargaining chips? You

Future Solutions

The future can be a bit of a dirty word in recruitment and in many of the industries we serve. To many recruits – especially those in labour intensive industries

Walk a mile

In 2020 Zoom Recruitment began a long process of self-discovery. Even before the world-shaping effects of the pandemic, we saw an industry without direction, lost in a sea of data

I am the problem

The doorbell chimes for the fourth time in a minute. All three phone lines ring off the hook. The only other human around is out of their depth, and I

Healing and growing

Kim Kardashian told women to “get your f**king ass up and work”, no doubt in response to a Starbucks coffee that didn’t meet her standards. But in a very real