We are committed to making people matter.

We think big and we aim high without compromising on who we are, what we value and why we are unique. We always start with this idea ‘Make People Matter’ If that solution Makes People Matter, if that comment Makes People Matter, then we are aligned to our brand. Our People and everything we do should Make People Matter.

Zoom is a great place to work.

When we spend one third of our life at work, we want to be able to say, “I’m proud to tell others I work here.” And 100% of our people said just that! How did we find this out? Well, Great Place to Work provides a way to measure and recognise our experiences of a workplace. This is based on respect, fairness, credibility and camaraderie, as well as feeling a sense of pride. And based on what our people have said, we’re officially certified as a Great Place to Work.

We succeed together.

Through the relationships we build, the human challenges we solve for our partners, and the opportunities we create for our people.

Over deliver as a consultant. Not just client service.
Our 360-degree approach looks at the overall objective and function of an organisation so we can answer our clients’ immediate needs – and then go beyond that to offer solutions companies may not have thought of before.
Always be the bearer of solutions
Our goal is to efficiently resolve the challenges of today with a view to more optimised solutions for tomorrow.
Never leave anyone behind. Family & Relationships (people) come first at Zoom Recruitment
We are all family. We focus on collaboration, being useful and uplifting others. We never compromise with our relationships and our most precious resource – our people.
Talk openly, and honestly. No BS.
We believe the first step to identifying, and eventually resolving, issues is to confront situations honesty. We speak the plain, simple truth.
Celebrate the wins. Learn from the failures. Own the outcome regardless.
We aim to do it right the first time. But we recognise humanity when mistakes are made. We don’t accept mediocrity – we rise above the limits to pursue excellence.
Plan, strategise and act like an outlaw.
We are not traditional thinkers. Being an outlaw means solving pain-points the smarter way. We are not afraid to break the mould if it can make things better.

If our values match with yours, we could make a great team.

We treat each other as family through the challenges we face so we never leave anyone behind. This makes the celebration of overcoming those challenges a more fulfilling shared experience.

We are big on celebrations – from recognising the small wins, coming together on a video call for days of observance, buying donut cakes for milestones, getting on the beers on holidays, and even finding reasons to get together for lunch to highlight the best things that happened during the week! We know our people work hard that’s why we play hard to strike that balance on what we’re passionate with and the fun that goes along with it.