Construction, Civil and Rail.

We provide the staff who are pivotal to connecting people on Australia’s roads, and on trains and their ever-expanding network of railway tracks.

Rail is a particular focus for Zoom Recruitment. Our specialised in-house rail recruitment services team has supplied a range of recruitment solutions and support for some of the country’s largest rail projects, including several recent multi-billion-dollar rail-improvement works in urban and regional Australia.

Relevant Experience.

Zoom Recruitment is a leading provider in labour solutions for the Construction, Civil and Rail industries and has done so for the past 15 years. We have been a part of some of the largest infrastructure projects in Australia, ranging anywhere from $500 million to $15 billion dollar projects.

No project is too big or too small, deploying workforce solutions anywhere from 10 to 500 employees. We are the experts in recruiting for the ebbs and flows throughout the life of any construction project, ie occupations, major freeway shutdowns, railway crossing removal projects and many more.

Our extensive experience in this sector includes construction of extra lanes in busy areas and upgrades to intersections on high-traffic roads. Our staff have also been involved in providing new freeway management systems to control traffic flow.
Civil and Engineering
We have played a key role in a number of civil and engineering projects, including the construction of new regional tracks and new rail bridges, as well as improving level crossings. From performing station upgrades to constructing a new station from scratch, we make sure that people stay connected by rail.
Broad reach and industry-leading access to talent allows us to provide qualified and highly experienced specialist staff for one-off construction projects or as ongoing temporary labour or permanent placements for rail infrastructure. Our experience ranges from removing level crossings and upgrading rail systems to extending train station platforms.

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