Manufacturing and FMCG.

We know manufacturing better than most. From the Machine Operator, Assembler, Forklift Driver to your Mixer and Supervisor and everything in between, Zoom Recruitment possesses the experience to recruit and place the right candidate for your manufacturing environment. With a focus on FMCG and understanding the need to provide the right experience to meet your needs of a fast-paced environment in a time critical manner.

Zoom Recruitment has continually evolved since we started serving these sectors from almost 2 decades ago. We have developed an approach that has equipped us to handle even the heaviest demands with safety and efficiency our priority. This has made us a recruitment partner of choice for a host of organisations operating within Australia’s Manufacturing and FMCG industries.

Relevant Experience.

Zoom Recruitment currently partner with a number of manufacturing clients requiring workforce solutions in various industries. Whether you require temporary staffing solutions to help manage the peaks and troughs of seasonal demand, or you need a recruitment partner that can help you source and attract the best talent, Zoom Recruitment is the answer.

We have employed staff from various manufacturing requirements from family run companies, specialised limited products to large scale manufacturers. We are proud supporters of Australian made products.
We have helped entrepreneurs grow their niche business to become widely known brands and our “people – machinery” has helped establish businesses consistently source, manufacture and deliver goods to Australian consumers. From dairy processing, beverages brewing, clothing and textile production to supporting household name goods, our capability to hire and employ staff has made us the preferred workforce supplier in the FMCG sector.
Our expertise in this sector has made us a reliable partner by well known brands. Our adherence to technical requirements, production procedures and safety measures are a testament to how well we recruit casual staff and permanent roles for Pharmaceutical companies.

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