Power and Utilities.

We provide key staff that work around the clock to keep Australia powered. People see a city of lights; we see the people who keep them on.

Power, utilities and major infrastructure are all part of the fabric at Zoom. We have and continue to be a key provider to the traditional and emerging markets in this sector. Our highly skilled team of specialists can tailor a recruitment solution to your projects every need from contract staff, project staff and permanent and labour hire solutions. Mobilise us for your short-term requirements or ask us about assisting you with your next skilled permanent member of your team.

Relevant Experience.

Large infrastructure contracts and their ongoing operations require a skilled and specialised workforce. That is why our tailored sourcing strategies by recruitment specialists ensure that your very next team member is suited to your niche requirements.  This has become part of our successful strategy with leading Power & Utilities organisations across Australia.  No requirement is too specialised or too remote.

Renewable Energy
We were instrumental in establishing wind farms and solar powered projects and continue to be active in this area as Australia is moving towards a more sustainable future.
Our experience in providing skilled staff to building state utilities infrastructure has equipped us with knowledge on planning, development and efficient workforce management in key projects from state to state. From pipelines to gas lines, we connect regional resources to major cities all across Australia.
Non-renewable Energy
We partner with Tier 1 companies and support services in this most crucial industry that powers Australia. We’ve rolled out projects and helped hire hundreds of engineers to ensure that our clients and the people that depend on their output are never compromised.

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New talents in the changing employment landscape, locally and nationally.