Transport and Logistics.

Our dedication to keep companies moving and get deliveries to offices and homes has put Zoom Recruitment at the forefront as the preferred supplier of transport employees for the biggest logistics companies in Australia.

Our service in this industry goes beyond provision. Our consultation process delivers solutions across chain strategies, warehouse organisation, distribution centre management and freight services. Our intensive recruitment methodology is tailored to the needs of each site, implementing Functional Capacity Assessments before supply, along with a strong focus on Safety and performance. Now, more than ever, Zoom Recruitment continues to deliver large volumes of specifically matched, high calibre transport candidates throughout peak periods.

Relevant Experience.

It is our long standing relationships with Transport and Logistics companies that has enabled us to continually provide employees for truck drivers and freight handlers day in and out.

To deliver in full and on time – when your goal becomes our goal, Zoom Recruitment will go the extra mile for your request for truck drivers, forklift drivers, freight handlers, despatch staff and casual or permanent employment related to the Logistics and Transport sectors. We are proud to say that after servicing this industry for more than a decade, we have earned the trust of the largest logistics and transport companies in Australia keeping our country moving.

Our long term relationships with Australian multinationals and established transport organisations gave us the opportunity to hire Truck Drivers with various licenses and experience in the hundreds to fulfill deliveries anywhere in Australia.
Our network of freight handlers, forklift drivers and logistics staff have partnered with Zoom Recruitment in the long term having serviced various kinds of deliveries and accomplished tight timeframes together.
Waste Management
Our partnerships with prominent Waste Management and Disposal Companies have established Zoom Recruitment as the preferred recruiter and workforce consultant in this sector.

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Delivering in full and on time.

New talents in the changing employment landscape, locally and nationally.