Warehouse and Storage.

Zoom Recruitment’s partnership with the largest Warehousing and Logistics organisations have given us the confidence and expertise to provide a suitably experienced workforce on any scale within a sensitive timeframe. Understanding the requirements of your organisation and environment is at the forefront of our recruitment strategy which is tailored to fit the requirements of your organisation.

Zoom Recruitment’s partnership with the largest Warehouse and Storage companies hasgiven us the expertise to provide large scale employment that answers seasonal requirements and ongoing workforce provision projects. Our flexibility also covers small to medium scale 3PL Warehouses as we act as an essential Human Resource arm alleviating common growing pains and challenges for up-and-coming companies.

Relevant Experience.

With a sizeable portion of their workforce coming from labour hire and contract providers, one of the world’s leading temperature controlled frozen goods supplier has engaged Zoom Recruitment as one of the main labour suppliers for casual and contract employees at its various facilities across Australia. Our intimate understanding of their site requirements has allowed us to create a specific and tailored recruitment methodology resulting in the delivery of the most suited candidates in addition to a high level customer service program.

With the provision of more than 500 employees (non peak) across Australia, daily, in various roles, Zoom continues to offer digitization and streamlined solutions to cater for instant processing of payroll and invoicing and real time dashboards and reporting, empowering our key stakeholders to monitor and control their usage and expenditure.

From providing an industrial casualised workforce for the largest organisations with warehouses across Australia, to placing permanent staff in warehousing environments in scheduling and management roles. Almost 2 decades of experience specialising in the Australian market, providing you with the confidence that Zoom Recruitment always deliver, regardless of your requirements.
Third Party Logistics
Zoom Recruitment is the go-to HR and Recruitment arm for 3PL companies so they can focus on efficient operations while we provide the staff and intelligence needed to keep their business moving and growing.
Zoom Recruitment is a preferred partner for organisations seeking specific skills and experience. We provide workforces for dry and cold storage facilities, distribution centres and our trained and skilled staff are ready to service manual or automated storage facilities.

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Whether it’s temporary or permanent, for warehousing, distribution or transport.

We recruit for almost all industrial and commercial businesses of any size.