We’re the right choice for you.

Family comes first at Zoom Recruitment, and we are all family. We believe in collaboration, being useful and always uplifting others. At Zoom, it feels right to be here. Our people don’t need to change who they are or to act differently to fit in. Being genuine is our code and that applies to everything we do.

Why working at Zoom feels right.

People are our most precious resource and this is no different in the way we view our team. We know what drives them and what makes them go the extra mile. At Zoom Recruitment, we’re never casual about our family. We encourage a team-oriented environment and a supportive culture that brings out the very best in all our Zoomers.

You can count on open and honest communication, professional development centered around your career goals and we want you to be YOU.

We build lasting relationships with the people applying for permanent roles so that you’ll be placed in a role that’s right for you. You can count on honest and open communication about your application. And because we’re relationship-focused, you’ll be more likely to get the role that meets your expectations.

“What makes Zoom different”?

Zooms benefits and rewards were created by Zoomers for Zoomers.

Loyalty Leave
Our Loyalty Leave program is to reward and recognise our people because we believe our people are our competitive advantage and the reason for our success after you’ve started at your new job.
Celebrating Days of Importance or a Cause
Taking time, making an effort and demonstrating our support for others is what we do for our clients, our external workforce and each other. The days of importance or a cause is a way for our people to take a break from our every day routines to support a cause or to have some fun and engage with each other.
Wellbeing Leave
The intent of Wellbeing Leave is for our people to take some time away from work to hit the reset button and do something that recharges their batteries.

Zoom Recruitment opportunities.

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